East St. Louis Park District
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The East St. Louis Park District is an autonomous body governed by five elected commissioners. The District's Corporate powers include the ability to acquire and develop land for recreational, educational, and cultural uses, to establish a park policing unit, pass ordinances for the maintenance and management of these facilities, establish user fees and levy taxes.


Board of Park Commissioners

Willie L. Dancy, President

James L. Montgomery, Vice President

Fannie M. Jones, Commissioner


James L. Ross, Commissioner


Avis Lynn Thomas, Commissioner


    Secretary/Treasurer for the Board of Park Commissioners


    Mrs. Darline D. Ward


      Headquarters Staff


      Mrs. Irma G. Golliday, Director


       Chief of Police

      Chief De Marius L. Thomas


      Ms. Rhonda Nicholson, Executive Secretary


      Ms. Donna Ferrell, Executive Aide

      Knetra Nelson, Executive Aide


      Christopher Keel, Computer Technician



      Maintenance Department

      The Maintenance Staff consist of two year round employees and fourteen seasonal staff, under Donna Ferrell, Maintenance Manager. The maintenance crews clean the parks, repair recreational equipment and vehicles, install equipment, and maintain/clean all buildings.  


      Police Department

      The Park District staff has 15 part-time police (five ranking officers and ten patrolmen) and one full-time police officer (Chief De Marius L Thomas.) The Park Police patrols all of the parks within the East St. Louis Park System, including parks in East St. Louis, Alorton, Centreville, and Washington Park.