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Welcome to the East St. Louis Park District's information page. We are the premier provider of outdoor recreation and aquatics in East St. Louis and Surrounding Communities in the Park District System. Our goal is to provide the very best in public park services. These Services include play areas, basketball courts, an outdoor swimming pool, an outdoor water park, a football field, baseball fields, etc. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy. 


For Information About Rentals/Services Or To Request Rentals/Services Please Complete Form And Contact Mrs. Rhonda Nicholson At 618-874-3600. 

 Here is a list of our Policies and Services.


There Will Be NO MONEY REFUNDED After the Event is Over

CANCEL Two (2) Weeks In Advance or LOSE $25.00 of the Deposit 

All PERSONAL CHECKS Must Be Paid Two (2) WEEKS In Advance


Community Center (Only)                                       $300.00    

Deposit $150.00 at time of Booking   ( See fees for Security and Manager on Duty )

Community Center Plus Water Park                      $550.00

Deposit $275.00 at time of Booking   ( See fees for Security and Manager on Duty )

Waterpark (Only)                                                     $250.00

NOTE: $10.00 per hour for a Manager on Duty - Must pay when Manager arrives he/she will be paid a Minimum of $30.00 for three (3) hours each additional hour will be $10.00.

Boathouse                                                               $150.00                                    

Deposit of $50.00 at time of Booking

Lincoln Park Pool (Party) - Facility Currently Closed             $600.00

NOTE: $10.00 per hour for Lifeguards on Duty (Minimum of 2 ) must pay Lifeguards when they arrive - A Minimum of three (3) hours pay ($30.00 Per Lifeguard.)

Security - $10.00 per hour (Must pay when he/she arrives - Minimum of (3) hours each additional hour will be $10.00. 

Park Space:

$75.00 - For Jones Park Space

$50.00 - For All Other Parks

Must be Paid in FULL at the time of Booking

Pavilions                                                                 $100.00

Deposit of $50.00 at the time of Booking

Concession Stand Permit                                                                              $150.00 per month

Vendor Permit                                                                                               $75.00 per week 

Portable Toilets                                                                $95.00                

Per Day Cost

Portable Sinks                                                                       $90.00

Per Day Cost